Earth Day Being

Earth Day – at its best – is a state of being that self perpetuating, much like life. It inspires worldview shifts and action.

What it inspired in me today was the urge to listen deeply to the ecosystem where I live. To better know this place, so I can make more aware choices and take more informed actions.

Let me introduce some of my neighbors…

Virginia bluebell buds

Please. Don’t look away.

So many people responded when I published this in my newsletter this morning that it feels important to share it more widely. So, from my heart to yours…

With devastation of all kinds in so many places around the world, you’re probably overflowing with advice about how to help or where to give. Me too.

But I deeply needed to speak to the tumult we’re all living through. To offer help, to serve, to extend myself beyond contributions and worry. So, with the highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic people of the world in mind, I’m offering these. With love.

I’m thinking of them as guidelines for burning times.

1. Don’t look away. That doesn’t mean stay connected to news or social media 24/7. No. It means let yourself be fully aware and awake to the events rolling across the world. Witnessing. This is the core of compassion.

2. Being emotionally uncomfortable won’t kill you. It just feels that way sometimes. Like any state of being, it will pass. Honor your discomfort. You’re being changed by what you are witnessing. That’s one reason we keep dipping ourselves in the salty experience that is a human life.

3. You can’t fix it. Not the whole thing. Certainly not alone. That’s OK. Be kind. Stop walking around wearing the suffering of eight billion people – or even eight – as if it’s your sole responsibility. Breathe.

4. Make every action a thoughtful one. Help each choice perpetuate kindness. Marinate every word in compassionate truth. Especially what you share on social media.

5. You count. Whatever thoughtful action you are able to take will contribute to making a difference. The key word here is “able”, not “comfort-able”. Should you stay in your comfort zone? See #2. Should you throw yourself at every wall? See #3. How to find a balance? That’s what #6 is for.

6. Keep living. Do your day-to-day. Love the people you love and do it out loud. With exuberant hugs. Lots of exuberant hugs. Find one moment of beauty each day. Don’t look away. Appreciate it. If you stop living, your resilience will falter and so will your thoughtful actions and compassionate witnessing. Then where will we be?

Witnessing with you,

PS – The butterflies are a moment of beauty for you, today.

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

The best TLC

Sometimes the most important things can be said in a few sentences.

  • We are clearer, happier, more effective practitioners when we feel connected.
  • We build our bridges of connection through our senses.
  • Our senses need nourishment so they can continue connecting.
  • Scent is the most direct way to nourish our senses.

Come to Scent of Hope on June 4, 2017 in Chestnut Hill, PA if you are a therapist, coach, yoga teacher, any kind of healing arts practitioner.

What you learn will help you expand the ways you can support your clients … and nurture your compassionate, giving, beautiful self.

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Monday Moorings: You are enough

The truth is, you are a pulsing, moving, flowing explosion of LIFE’s juicy creativity every moment of every day. Even on tired, crappy mornings or stressed-out crazy ones. Tuck that in your heart and use it to keep perspective. ‘Cause we all lose if you aren’t fiercely being who you are, doing what you do.

So…to expand your resilience today:

Place your feet** firmly sole to soil, sand, or stone. Place them and become exquisitely aware of every tiny point of contact between you and the ground. Feel those points of contact expand, deepen, and merge.

Breathe this in…. You are wildness. You are love. You are sunlight, rain, sand, stone, mist and great trees standing true and whole.

You are. And that is enough.

** If feet on the ground isn’t possible, hands on the earth works. Or hands on a lovely stone in your lap. Or cheek to stone, sand or soil. Basically, put whatever part of your body you are able into contact with the earth in some form. 

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

The highly sensitive advantage

I’m a night-owl. My creativity most often has the same rhythm as night-blooming jasmine, waking after dark and coming into it’s fullest in the depths of night. Mornings though? Mornings are more about foggy thoughts and stumbling feet.

One winter morning I was waiting for tea to brew (and trying to remember my name) when my attention was captured by the insistent “chip, chip, chip” ing of a cardinal. He appeared to be in conversation with a cheerfully “chick-a-dee!” ing chickadee, while a crowd of crows “caw” ed in the distance.

Groggily curious, I leaned into their conversation, opening my senses to explore more of what was happening, shamelessly eavesdropping on their morning chat. As I listened I realized that I was starting to feel less … foggy. Hmmmm…..

As high sensitives, we spend so much time with our senses protectively armored we forget there’s an advantage to the intensity with which we can feel the world.

That morning I was eavesdropping with more than just my ears. I leaned into their conversation, literally. My body canted toward their sound and all of me was listening. More precisely, I was sensing into the birdsong with the full sensory capacity of my body/mind/spirit. In my sleepy, non-thinking state, my sensory armor went clanking to the ground and I drank in the unfiltered multi-sensory experience of morning birdsong.

It was darn near psychedelic.

Birdsong, it turns out, grounds me. At this not so favorite time of day when my natural rhythm is at an ebb, listening – whole body listening – to birdsong leads me gently towards awareness.

Your catalyst could be any sensory experience. What works depends on the person doing the sensing. Maybe it’s the scent of coffee or tea brewing. Patterns of color dancing outside the window. Reading and savoring inspiring words. The feeling of moving your body.

Fully engaging our exquisite senses – at the right time – can deepen and sharpen our state of awareness and help us be more present.

Radically present, actually. The “at the right time” caveat is important especially for HSP’s, obviously. But, when you can, making full use of your senses can bring the world into focus in unique ways.

OK, my highly sensitive friends….go explore! What’s your HSP advantage?

Monday Moorings: mother nature meets mind chatter

My mind is often the trickiest part of myself to nourish. It tends to get cluttered and overworked, managing tons of details.

It also becomes a haven for worry and seems to attract other people’s “stuff” until I’m overflowing. (Highly sensitive friends, I’ll bet you know exactly how this feels.)

When I need a good attic clearing, I use this simple practice. I invite you to try it, if the idea makes your heart sing.

Find a place to sit or stand uninterrupted for a few minutes. Outside is best, but an indoor space can work, too.

Let your breath settle into a comfortable pattern for you.

Close your eyes and focus on your sense of touch.

What do you notice first? Temperature? The sensation of the air on your skin? How supported you feel by the earth under you? (Indoors or outdoors, the earth is always – and quite literally – supporting you.)

Continue becoming more deeply aware of the sensation of your body in relationship with the world around you.

Rest into that feeling.

When you feel “finished” (yes, you will know when that happens) open your eyes and, if it feels right, offer a little gratitude to your body and the natural world for this sensory experience. 

And now for the best part….go enjoy your peaceful mind! 

Monday Moorings are quickly read morsels of thought, ideas, perspective shifts, and self-care practices inviting you to moor yourself into your gifts of high sensitivity, multipotentialism, and introversion. Published (nearly) every Monday.

What I love about you and me.

What I love about you and me is this: we’re different.

We are part of a community of 12 – 20% of the population offering unique and needed skills, perceptions, and perspectives in these challenging times.

One of the things I also love about us is that we face similar challenges. Like the challenge of not believing that being the way we are – highly sensitive or multipotentialed or introverted or all of the above – is a good thing. Or the challenge of walking into a networking event. Or the even bigger challenge of staying at said event. Or talking about ourselves at the aforementioned event. You get the picture.

So, today, I’d like to share with you some of the most wonderful things about being who we are. Who you are. I gently invite you to give yourself the gift of noticing yourself in these attributes. It’s a pretty delicious list. And you’re definitely in there. (There’s a LOT of crossover among the categories, so don’t get hung up on them. Simply drink in those attributes….)

Awesome attributes of the Highly Sensitive

  • Multitalented
  • Strongly imaginative
  • Rapid and deep learners
  • Often intellectually gifted
  • Intuitive
  • Deeply empathetic
  • Big picture/long range/ often visionary thinkers who process deeply
  • Understanding the importance of working at a natural pace/rhythm. Often that’s slower, but not always.
  • Can be an oasis of calm in a sea of chaos (if already resilient, and well-resourced)
  • Extremely perceptive. Often have a clear sense of people and their motivations – even when those are hidden or unconscious.
  • Can be very aware of the mind/body connection and use it to advantage.

Renaissance Soul/Multipotentialite/Scanner superpowers

  • Integral thinkers
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Synthesize ideas readily
  • Holistic thinkers
  • Amass a unique collection of skills and experiences
  • Often intellectually gifted
  • Able to effectively and accurately communicate with diverse groups of people about a wide variety of subjects. Is often the person in the room or on the team who is translating between disparate groups.
  • Rapid learners
  • Our passion makes us inspiring people to be around.
  • Adaptable as hell. A really important skill to develop to thrive in the 21st c.

Intriguing Introvert specialties…

  • Learn more frequently and often more quickly. Could be said we’re learning constantly.
  • Cultivate genuine connection and relationships more readily because we prefer meaningful conversation and are generally empathetic.
  • Especially good leaders for groups where members are proactive, collaborative, and have high emotional intelligence. Spend less time asserting their leadership and more time listening and innovating.
  • Attentive to detail.
  • Can take on extroverted traits when it’s important. When the project is aligned with our core values and the situation demands risk taking, taking a loud stand, being a forceful leader.

So….read….notice….breathe….notice again….take a shot at believing….notice how that feels…repeat as desired.

What water can teach us about determination

Consider this… Water contains currents that move on multiple layers and in multiple directions simultaneously.  It’s energies are complex, it’s potential patterns are many and seemingly endless.  It is also relentless, determined, and always, always finds a way around obstacles.

And … you contain a great deal of water, my friends.


Yes. You belong.

So many people I talk to feel as if they have a hole in their heart where a sense of belonging is meant to be. I get how they feel. I know that hole-in-heart sensation. So many of us – high sensitives (HSP’s), multipotentialites (Renaissance Souls), sensory outliers, evolutionary forerunners – know this feeling.

When we land in that hole-in-heart experience it’s because we’re forgetting an essential truth.

We already belong. We are inextricable members of the living system – the ecosystem – where we reside. We can never not belong. 

It’s the action of believing in our belonging that trips us up, because as children – and sometimes as adults – we internalized the “you’re different, weird, too much” messages people overtly or covertly handed to us.

The solution is knowing ourselves. Deeply. Understanding the unique alchemy only we can offer. Taking our own voice seriously. Refining our capacity to discern when outside voices are speaking from ignorance, and when they are speaking from understanding. And then refining our capacity to let the ignorant statements become compost fueling our determination.

We are of the earth. She is of us. Wherever we are, we are still standing on her stone bones and she is still singing in our blood. When we remember this with every sense, when we feel it in our bodies, we experience belonging. We live it as breath. And once we’ve felt that, believing in our belonging becomes a whole lot easier.

May you experience your belonging today.