Starting Over ... Again? |

Starting Over … Again?

Almost one year ago I chose to step back and reevaluate who I wanted to be professionally. I dove into this process because - despite successfully supporting my clients through empowering changes in self-perception, and in how they lived their lives - the purpose of my business felt murky, and my identity as a practitioner felt … Continue reading Starting Over … Again?

Self-love Smells Like Oranges

Scent. Gorgeous, luscious, fill-your-lungs-with-it-fragrance is a potent ally in the practice of loving yourself. From lilting to earth-bound, ephemeral to in-your-face, aromas and the plant allies who produce them are powerfully luscious companions to everyday self-care. Why? Unfiltered access to your limbic system, baby. The parts of your brain that regulate emotions, behavior, and memory. Scent … Continue reading Self-love Smells Like Oranges