Being an HSP, multipotentialed entrepreneur

Doing some project planning, I looked at my upcoming events and YIKES! is there a lot happening. Events and classes to facilitate; projects to develop, self-care practices to practice... It's joyous tangle of quiet creativity and sharing what I've created with people. I both LOVE and DREAD when my work finds this rhythm. My multipotentialed self is … Continue reading Being an HSP, multipotentialed entrepreneur

The best TLC

Sometimes the most important things can be said in a few sentences. We are clearer, happier, more effective practitioners when we feel connected. We build our bridges of connection through our senses. Our senses need nourishment so they can continue connecting. Scent is the most direct way to nourish our senses. Come to Scent of … Continue reading The best TLC

The leading edge of leadership

Tumultuous, yet full-of-potential edges between seasons always make me think about life transitions. Those transitional edges between the here and there of our career, relationship, or self-discovery we all walk at times. For me, one of those self-discovery edges has been my ongoing dance with redefining and reclaiming the idea and practice of leadership. With typical … Continue reading The leading edge of leadership