Custom 1:1 Coaching

Custom 1:1 Business Coaching

I offer extended 1:1 coaching for when …

  • you’re drowning in a tsunami of emotions from our aching world and finding it harder and harder to be there for your clients or your business.
  • you feel like you’ve fallen out of love with your business.
  • you keep collecting bright shiny possibilities and nothing’s getting done.
  • your critical voices are driving the bus …
  • you know you and your beautiful business need help growing … but your gut knows the “X Steps to Raving Success” models fit like a crappy bra.

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“Before my mentorship with Tracie, I was ultra confused about how to present my work. I had studied marketing strategies deeply, but they never worked for me because I didn’t have the hand-holding I needed to discover my core offering. Tracie’s gift to my business is deep and profound. Through her laser sharp intuition, we have been able to unlock what was subconsciously sabotaging my business and gain clarity on how to move forward. I’m now recreating my brand, which reflects my soul purpose and my heart’s desire about how I would like to be of service through my business. I am getting to know my rhythms so that I know when to take action and when to wait for a moment and conserve energy. I know that what I’ve discovered with Tracie’s guidance and wisdom will carry me years into my future. I feel free, excited, empowered and juiced up!” Susie Beiler, CHHC, AADP, OTR/L