Essential Now – One Month Only

because our hearts
sing to the 
depths of this 

because the world
needs us
whole, strong, bright
so very much 

we are the gift
we all most need

from my heart to yours
what’s most essential now…

The December Essences


DEEP who invokes potential
who leads us to the
essence of possibility
who guides us
into the 
creative ground

DEEP whose scent
is like inhaling 
safe, sacred space 
and feeling it take root 
in your marrow.


EMBER who invites you
– with blazing certainty –
to nurture the spark
of eternal light that is 
yours alone to carry

EMBER who wraps you
in the arms of the
Mother as you cradle
the unique fragment
of the burning heart
of the world
that only you can house. 

EMBER who lifts you
as you ignite the 
piece of the sacred 
peace only you
are meant to kindle

How it works

You’ll receive…

— a set of 2 Essential Now aromatherapy + vibrational essence combinations in 1 oz. spray bottles.
— products made from mostly organic, ethically sourced essential oils, hand bottled with love, combined with my own heart and hand created vibrational essences.
— easy-to-use support for navigating the rugged energies of these chaotic times
— carefully thought out minimal packaging that is recyclable (no plastic for the waste-stream!)
— the pleasure of knowing you’re supporting a woman-owned small business dedicated to promoting kindness, equity, and sustainability.


  • Shipments go out just after the new moon.
  • Tucked into each box will be your two essences in 1 oz. spray mist bottles, as well as a gift of poetry, or a blessing, or suggested practices for making the most of these new wild allies.
  • Occasionally, there will be mystery gifts also tucked into the boxes (she says, rubbing her hands gleefully…)
  • There’s deep love, integrity, and respect in every bottle. For you. For the wild. For us all.
  • Yes. You can absolutely give a One Month Only Essential Now box as a gift..
  • Packaging and production are both as gentle on the earth as I can possibly make them.
  • One Month Only Essential Now $27, including postage inside the continental U.S. (I’m still working out shipping outside the U.S. It’s expensive and there may be customs stuff because of liquid filled glass bottles.)

Please note: To receive the December essences – Deep and Ember – orders must be placed by Friday, December 7, 2018 11:59 p.m. (GMT 04:59)