Essential Now – One Month Only

because our hearts
sing to the 
depths of this 

because the world
needs us
whole, strong, bright
so very much 

we are the gift
we all most need

from my heart to yours
what’s most essential now…

The January Essences

Bottles of Clear and Steady aromatherapy sprays surrounded by a lit beeswax votive, a white feather, and 3 herkimer diamonds.


CLEAR brings us back
to our core
to the why 
to the essence
of our reasons

CLEAR helps us pause
helps us breathe
illuminates as we
rest in the still center
of our whirling lives

perceptions unobscured
pathway obvious
obstacles revealed

CLEAR gentles and calms
revealing what’s beyond
the toss and fret of
worry and doubt

CLEAR so we see
CLEAR so we can think
CLEAR so we know


Steadies our resolve when we waver — because we all waver.

holds us
as we move through
cross over
travel beyond

lifts courage
soothes unease
smooths our journey 
keeps us moving

deepens our breath
relaxes our shoulders 
polishes our intuition
so we shine 
clear, bright, true

believes in us
walks with us
shows us the way
to believe in ourselves

How it works

You’ll receive…

— a set of 2 Essential Now aromatherapy + vibrational essence combinations in 1 oz. spray bottles.
— products made from mostly organic, ethically sourced essential oils, hand bottled with love, combined with my own heart and hand created vibrational essences.
— easy-to-use support for navigating the rugged energies of these chaotic times
— carefully thought out minimal packaging that is recyclable (no plastic for the waste-stream!)
— the pleasure of knowing you’re supporting a woman-owned small business dedicated to promoting kindness, equity, and sustainability.


  • Shipments go out just after the new moon.
  • Tucked into each box will be your two essences in 1 oz. spray mist bottles, as well as a gift of poetry, or a blessing, or suggested practices for making the most of these new wild allies.
  • Occasionally, there will be mystery gifts also tucked into the boxes (she says, rubbing her hands gleefully…)
  • There’s deep love, integrity, and respect in every bottle. For you. For the wild. For us all.
  • Yes. You can absolutely give a One Month Only Essential Now box as a gift..
  • Packaging and production are both as gentle on the earth as I can possibly make them.
  • One Month Only Essential Now $27, including postage inside the continental U.S. (I’m still working out shipping outside the U.S. It’s expensive and there may be customs stuff because of liquid filled glass bottles.)

Please note: the January essences – Clear and Steady – have shipped, but you can place orders for the (still emerging) February essences. Orders placed by February 9, 2019 11:59 p.m. (GMT 04:59) will be included in the February shipments.