Essential Now


our resilience is

under siege


the terrain of

our days is

littered with



we’re bleeding for

every wounded heart

and … because

our wise tenderness

is needed now

more than ever

the wild and I are

offering support

– from the mossy-green,

mineral-tanged depths

of our wise compassion –

offering what our hearts need

offering what we know

is…essential now

essential now: essence-of-the-month membership

essential oil + vibrational essence combinations responding to the energies and events happening now. They’re designed to support us as we walk the uneasy places in our inner and outer lives.

They are allies to transition – to change – to unmaking and remaking and coming home.

…. Settled deep in your bones being unshakably yourself home ….

…. No longer feeling at the mercy of the world home ….

Really? These can actually help?

Yes. Absolutely.

What science says…

Essential oils are richly scented plant extracts. Did you know that our sense of smell is linked to the areas of our brain that control mood, emotions, and memory? True story.

When we smell a scent for the first time, our amazing brains link that scent to what we’re feeling and experiencing in that moment. The icy scent of a snow zooms us to the joyous excitement and freedom of a snow day. My son’s 2nd grade teacher kept Hazelnut Coffee brewing in her classroom, so that scent brings him right back to the ambivalence he felt about being in school.

The cool thing is … we can use scent to teach our nervous system to respond in chosen ways. For example, use a particular essential oil or incense while in a state of relaxation and smelling that scent will help you relax.

To get a bit more … magical…

To me, vibrational essences and essential oils each carry a specific note, or tone. A vibration.

“I have been using Tracie’s essential oil blends with my psychotherapy clients for years. Tracie has a masterful relationship with plants and her blends are far superior to anything store bought. I am honestly the most torn between taking the oils home with me and sharing them with my clients.” Jodi Schwartz-Levy, PhD, LPC, Somatic Psychologist and Owner – Healing Arts Studio, LLC 

When you invite a combination of these energetic allies into your life, your body/mind/soul rings her unique note – the essence rings theirs – the notes/tones/vibrations intermingle and an entirely new and utterly unique harmony comes into being. Your Self is attuned. Humming at a slightly different frequency which is rippling support for transformation throughout your system.

Different essential oil + vibrational essence combinations will carry different tones. Make sense?

You get…

— a new set of 2 Essential Now aromatherapy + vibrational essence combinations in 1 oz. spray bottles every month. By new, I mean two whole new combinations of essential oils + vibrational essences meant to support you through the energies of what’s happening now.

— products made from mostly organic, ethically sourced essential oils, hand bottled with love, combined with my own heart and hand created vibrational essences.

— easy-to-use support for navigating the rugged energies of these chaotic times

— carefully thought out minimal packaging that is recyclable (no plastic for the waste-stream!)

— the pleasure of knowing you’re supporting a woman-owned small business dedicated to promoting kindness, equity, and sustainability.


  • Each month around the 10th members will be sent a new set of 2 Essential Now aromatherapy + vibrational essence combinations in 1 oz. spray bottles.
  • Also tucked into each box will be a gift of poetry, or a blessing, or suggested practices for making the most of these new wild allies.
  • Occasionally, there will be mystery gifts also tucked into the boxes (she says, rubbing her hands gleefully…)
  • There’s deep love, integrity, and respect in every bottle. For you. For the wild. For us all.
  • Yes. You can absolutely give a Gift Membership.
  • Packaging and production are both as gentle on the earth as I can possibly make them.
  • Membership is $22 per month, including postage inside the continental U.S. (I’m still working out shipping outside the U.S. It’s expensive and there may be customs stuff because of liquid filled glass bottles.)
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The next member boxes will go out in February, 2019.

So, you’d love to give these as a gift, but a whole year subscription is a bit much?

The One Month Only for $27 is a great solution. You can order a One Month Only box here: One Month of Essential Now only, please.


Will the essential now mists keep working after one month? Yes. They will continue to be effective supports until the bottle is empty.

Can I use more than one essential now spray at a time? Absolutely. Your inner wisdom is the best guide to knowing when and how often and in what combination to use them.

What if I don’t like scented things? If you don’t like essential oils or distinct scents (even if they come from organic essential oils) then it’s likely you won’t enjoy the essential now products.

Can essential oils interact with prescriptions or medical conditions? In some cases, yes. I have 30 years of experience and training as an aromatherapist, so I very carefully choose the essential oils used in the essential now sprays to avoid interactions. If you’re concerned, contact me.

Can I cancel my membership? Of course. The easiest way is to go through your own Paypal account and cancel the subscription payment.

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The next member boxes will go out in February 2019.

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