Letters to You

It takes courage to start a conversation. But if we don’t start talking to one another, nothing will change. Conversation is the way we discover how to transform our world, together.

Margaret J. Wheatley

These letters are invitations to respite and to thoughtful conversation. Shall I send them to you?

I write about

an eclectic mix of nature, resilience, writing, and the power of words to help us change ourselves or our society. Sometimes I talk about what it’s like being a woman of deepening years at this time, in this culture.

My style…

tends to be poetic, insightful, thought-provoking, sometimes gently funny, occasionally irreverent.

A letter will arrive in your inbox

approximately every two weeks—rarely more frequently and sometimes less.

Because I believe in moving at the speed of kindness, being guided by seasonal rhythms, and only saying things when I have something to say, you may hear from me more frequently in spring and autumn, less frequently in summer and winter.

I hope you say yes.

What people are saying about them

“Thank you for this Tracie. I’ve been pondering this direction lately, and you’ve so beautifully captured it for me. These are exactly the words I needed this evening. Thank you for putting them out in the world. I’ve forwarded to several folks I think will also really resonate.”

J. M.

“I am a subscriber of your newsletter, and I am feeling exactly the same way. Thank you for finding the words. I thought that this time would be perfect for me to write my book. All the distractions before this time were my excuse. Now that I have SO MUCH TIME on my hands, I am finding it difficult to focus. What you wrote in your newsletter was so, so comforting to me, and I wanted you to know.

“Thank you again,”

L. B.

Yes. Let’s stay connected.

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