More about Tracie Nichols

I experience the world a bit differently

  • HSP (Highly Sensitive Person—a neurologic trait appearing in 15-20% of the population.)
  • Multipotentialed (R.H. Frederickson et al. defined a multipotentialed person as someone who, “when provided with appropriate environments, can select and develop a number of competencies to a high level.”)
  • Introvert

In the land of Myers-Briggs I test as an INFP – Introversion (I), Intuitive (N), Feeling (F),Perceiving (P) – with a strong preference for Introversion and Intuitive. 

According the the Gallup Strengths Inventory, my top 5 strengths are: Relator, Positivity, Intellection, Connectedness, Developer

My Gallup EP10 Entrepreneurial Profile Results show — Talents: Disruptor, Delegator, Selling, Confidence and my Style: Relational

Keywords consistently used by colleagues, clients, and employers to describe me are: creative, intelligent, kind, perceptive, strong, conscientious, honest, authentic, contributing, leader, leadership, equity, equality, empowerment, communication, writing, speaking, listening.


M.A. in Transformative Learning and Change with a concentration in Human and Organizational Transformation. (A graduate level dual major in Cultural Anthropology and Adult Education.)

B.A. in Art History

Relevant Certifications:

  • Transformative Language Arts Foundations
  • Proofreading/Copyediting
  • Career Services Provider (CCSP)
  • Integrative Aromatherapy Certified (IAC)

Relevant Personal and Professional Development:

  • Poetry and Flash Intensive
  • Poetry: The Power of the Line
  • How to Begin a Poem
  • Take Two: More Tools & Techniques for Your Flash Nonfiction Toolbox
  • Writing Beyond the Environment: Parts I & II
  • Dialogue As Spiritual Practice

Professional Memberships:

  • Transformative Language Arts Network
  • National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists

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