Notes from the Field

To me, my newsletter is an ongoing conversation with you. A way for us to talk about the things that have meaning for both of us. A point of quiet, loving connection in this noisy, disconnected world.

It’s about stories, and resources, and useful things for women like us … sensitive, empathetic, body-wise…

And it’s an offering of beauty and coming back to our center through images, poetry, music. It’s a place you’re always welcome – at your pace – in your own way.

“I am relating to SO MUCH of what you shared. I am looking for ways to do whatever I do more easefully. I want to follow the fire that accepts me for who I am at this stage in my life. Thank you for your transparency – it helps me identify my truth.” Laurie E., North Carolina

It’s especially helpful for body wise and highly sensitive women practitioners being their beautifully different selves … building businesses … making a difference.

I mostly send it on Sundays. If you’d like me to send it to you, please do … SUBSCRIBE.