One Burning Question

A single deep dive coaching session moving you through the obstacle of your question into a clear plan you can confidently act on.

You have a passion for helping people, a huge heart and really good skills as a practitioner.

But, you don’t know All The Things about how to brand or organize or network or niche, especially in ways that feel like truth in your gut.

Which leaves you with questions. Burning questions. Questions about how to turn your body wisdom into an actual making-a-living practice.

Here’s your chance to get the hottest question off your to-do list for a gently reasonable investment of time and money.

One question.

One session. (45 minutes)

One more weight off your mind.

Just $97
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During our conversation we’ll call in your superpowers…

  • your body-wisdom
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • a heartfelt desire to make a difference for your clients and community

And lean on mine…

  • deep listening
  • compassion
  • intuition
  • ten years hard-won experience and really great training helping folks like you remove obstacles

Together we will end up with a clear picture of what’s keeping you from taking action and a doable plan to change that.

What do you think? Are you up for getting that burning question answered so your practice can go the places you want it to go?

“Tracie will see you, hear you, and gently guide you toward your own truth. I was struck by her warmth and kindness. She is deeply wise, skilled and knowledgeable. Having herself succeeded in many disparate endeavors, Tracie can add value to your search whatever your field or stage of life. You will leave each session with actionable steps, resources to pursue, and pearls of wisdom to ponder. You will be glad you met her!” Dana B.

I’m Tracie Nichols. I help body-centered practitioners like you find the answers to burning questions so you can ditch the obstacle and get on with making a good living being your different self.

So, what’s burning in your mind?
Keeping you up at night?
Demolishing your chocolate supply?

It could be something like….

  • “How do I choose a fair price for my sessions? I want them to be accessible, but I need to make a living.”
  • “How can I fill this class without feeling like a late night TV commercial?”
  • “How do I do everything my practice needs without burning out?”

Together we’ll work the advantage of two pairs of eyes looking, two sets of ears listening, two mouths communicating, figure out what you need and craft a plan.

  • Do you need more information? We’ll come up with solid resources.
  • A strategy? We will craft one that fits your working rhythm and values. For example, my body rhythms are at their most creative later in the afternoon and evening, so I’ve developed a strategy of writing – things like social media posts, articles, descriptions for new offerings – at that time of day.
  • A way to reframe a challenging idea? We’ll play with metaphor and imagination and find you the perfect imagery. For example, uncomfortable with the image in your head of what a “business” is? Imagine this: You (trunk) + your skills as a practitioner (roots) + your services (branches) = Your business as a tree. A thriving, growing, part-of-a-vibrant-ecosystem tree.

“Tracie holds a unique space for her clients that at once comforts, and calls forth what is best in them. She is intuitive, kind, insightful, fun, and utterly non-judgmental. I highly recommend Tracie as a coach, mentor, and catalyst for joyful clarity in your personal and professional life.” Marissa Polselli, Wordtree. LLC

One question.

One session. (45 minutes)

One less thing to worry about.

Just $97 —
Schedule One Burning Session