Plant Your Staff

A 90-minute workshop experience for women who know (or want to know) that “aging” is code for deepening into your wildest, fiercest, sacredest self, but don’t quite believe it yet.

So you can believe it.

And then do something with it.

If you’ve ever thought

(because this is what’s been
poured into your woman-heart
by ads and billboards and people with
an agenda to keep you contained…)

“It’s too late for me to make a difference.” or
“I’m too old to (fill in the blank) or
“I’m (my idea, my dream, my insight) not relevant anymore.”

I’m here to tell you

… with unshakable gentleness
and raw truth …

that the world has been
lying to you.

Your years make
you more real,
not less.

Your life
make your thoughts
more wise,
not less.

Your wide-open
witnessing heart
makes your presence more
essential, not less.

Your eyes
that have seen
and seen
and seen
make your insights more
needed, not less.

… … …
… …


At this time
when our world

we need
women of
… body wisdom
. intuition
….. experience
…… deep experience
.. witnessing hearts
…. eyes that see

with the hammered
copper courage
that’s only earned by
dropping off the cliffs
of life over and over
and over again

to say what they know
and teach the terms
of endurance to the
incendiary ones
waving sword-words.

To stand solid
… with all the wisdom
of a storm-tested
willow …
making space for
islands of

Do you see yourself, yet?

Do you see how you fit?

How you are
needed for
who you
are …
not for some
palest illusion
of your quietly fierce SELF?

Can you feel it?


If you are still here
reading these
unconventional words
in their
unconventional format
then my crone-wise
heart and eyes say
you do feel it.

Your voice and
presence in this circle
of rising crone-hood
would be water to
the parched …
adding your droplets to
the well from
which we all
can drink

From which
we all can
draw courage to
… occupy space
… plant our staff
… raise our voice
… make our own kind of difference

The next Plant Your Staff Circle is happening in February 2019.

Plant Your Staff is

… part ceremony
…. part wise woman circle,
.. part anti-ageism strategy session
woven into 90 minutes of
being seen and heard
… stop … breathe that in …
being seen and heard
as the
fierce woman you are

so you feel
… in your bones …
what it’s like
to be her

so you feel
… in your bones …
you are her

so you feel
… in your bones …
you are home.

and I am here …

About Tracie Nichols

Tracie Nichols is the name
I regularly fling
into the unknown.

poet. crone. business and career coach. alchemist.
feet firmly planted in islands of sanity.

.. my crone heart has witnessed.
……. my crone eyes have seen.
…. my hammered copper courage
has been forged on the way down
from the top of
so many cliffs.

my staff is planted deep.

I see you.
Welcome home.


Why this? Why now?

We’ve been taught by a culture invested in controlling women to think our value decreases as our experience increases.

We’ve been deliberately manipulated for over 100 years by advertising designed to convince us that we, as women, are not enough – ever – and we become less and less valuable the older we get.

We’ve been taught to fade into the background, becoming invisible with the years. That we are a burden. That we take up space better used by someone younger. That we use resources needed by someone younger.

The opposite is true.

— We’re hitting our creative peak.

— We connect ideas and information in innovative ways because of our life experience.

— Our deeper, longer view helps keep things in perspective.

And our perspective is deeply needed, right now, in these times when our culture is tearing itself apart.

Who should come?

Holistically-minded women who have thought or felt things like:

  • “It’s too late for me to make a difference.” or
  • “I’m too old to (fill in the blank) or
  • “I’m not relevant anymore.” or
  • “My idea, my dream, my insight isn’t relevant anymore.”

and want to disentangle from those myths so they feel they can do the things tugging at their heart, or calling to their sense of justice, or to their inner artist or writer or activist or entrepreneur.

If I’ve already attended a Plant Your Staff Circle, can I attend again?

Absolutely! Your experience will rise from where you are now, in your life, so your insights will likely be deeper or from a different perspective, or something altogether unexpected. If you’re feeling nudged to attend, honor that nudge.

What will we actually be doing?

We will use the power of story and community to begin to shift the patterns and beliefs holding our wise women selves hostage.

Story and the language we use to create them are powerful tools for re-writing deeply held beliefs. Creating and discovering together in community makes the learning more real and the shifts more stick-to-able.

Guided visualization, journaling and storytelling will help us …

  • Disentangle from cultural/social/familial indoctrination.
  • Unlearn what society has taught us.
  • Recover the truth that we have value because we have experience.
Can we really fix this in 90 minutes?

Entirely? No. We’ve been hearing these messages for decades forgoodnesssake. What we can do is put new language, new information, and new insights in place that will give you what you need to permanently reclaim the truth that you are essential because of your age and to rewrite the story you tell about yourself as a wise woman.

So, remember, join the next circle from your own sacred space in February 2019.