Highly Sensitive Person

HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People) have a unique set of skills, capacities, and perspectives needed especially now in a world where markets, occupations, and even the needs of businesses and consumers are quickly expanding and changing.

Dr. Elaine Aron began studying this temperament trait in 1991. Her work is the cornerstone for understanding and appreciating the trait of High Sensitivity (called Sensory-Processing Sensitivity in the scientific/research community)

Have you ever heard of the trait of high sensitivity? About 20% of people are born with it. It’s completely normal. Basically it’s just a preference to process one’s experiences more deeply. You know, think about things more than other people do.

We also notice things others miss, and have stronger emotional reactions, both positive and negative. Noticing so much, feeling so much, and thinking about everything so much naturally means that they also get more easily overwhelmed, so that they need more down time and are more bothered by things like noise or having too much to do at once. Elaine Aron, August 2013: Comfort Zone ONLINE How Do You Recognize an HSP?

Some HSP Superpowers…

  • Multitalented
  • Strongly imaginative
  • Rapid and deep learners
  • Often intellectually gifted
  • Intuitive
  • Big picture/long range/ often visionary thinkers
  • Holistic thinkers

Self-Test to determine if you have the HSP trait…

The Highly Sensitive Person – Elaine Aron’s website