Sane Marketing for Magical Practitioners

A 3-hour workshop helping you create strategies and practices that support both your sensitivity and your success. 

How would you feel if doing the marketing and strategy work you do to fill your practice felt as deep-breath easy and bone-deep “right” as what you do during a client session or class? 

What if it’s totally possible to be sensitive and successful and not feel like you’re struggling, or have to turn into a creepy late-night infomercial?

It’s pretty simple, really. To be successful, you need 3 key things:

You … Your people … A bridge to connect you.

That bridge? It’s the big, beautiful web of kindness, support, clear information, and authentic connection you weave with your actions as a business owner. 

It’s what makes sure the people who need your work know you’re out here…

—> they understand how your work will help them.

—> they have the information they need to choose to work with you.

In these 3 hours you’ll be…
  • figuring out how to let your people know you’re out here
  • helping them understand how your work will help them so they can make the choice to become your clients. 
  • learning how to do it in a highly sensitive, body-wise, empath-friendly kind of way so you can bypass the whole trying-to-use-conventional-business-and-marketing-methods-then-burning-out bit and go right to the doing-business-sanely-from-the-get-go part.
You will walk away clearer about several key facets of yourself; Facets essential to choosing the best marketing strategies for your practice.

Who you are as a business owner – Your values. The personality and neurologic traits that underpin how you think, move, and take action.

What is your communication style  – So important for choosing the right marketing strategies.

Who your people are. Where they hang out.  Ways to reach them.

Which kinds of marketing strategies are most aligned with your working rhythm and communication style, and with the best ways to reach your people. 

Which practices will be most useful to build your practice while nourishing yourself. 

You will walk away with information + insights which will enable you to lay a solid, sane marketing strategy foundation for yourself.

Meet Tracie

I’m Tracie Nichols: Rebel Crone. Business coach. Alchemist. Poet. With 10 years experience as a woman business owner, 7 years holistic mentoring/coaching experience, 30 years as an aromatherapist, and a masters degree in human transformation, I’ve walked the truth of a lot of life. 

My work is about…

Standing in solidarity with body-centered and highly sensitive women.

Walking with them as they discover/rediscover their body-wise, empathetic, intuitive strengths. 

Supporting them as they bring their whole selves to their life and work.

Helping them be accountable to themselves and their dreams of making whatever difference they choose to make.

Encouraging them as they welcome insights, inspiration, and the seeds of happiness. 


Who should come? You should come if  — you’re a recently certified/licensed practitioner of a body-centered modality who is opening a private practice — or if you’ve been in practice for a while but are struggling with finding a way to fill your practice without burning out, or feeling helpless or overwhelmed or like you have to resort to late-night infomercial tactics 

Can we really cover all this in 3 hours? Yes. And, without overwhelm, too!  

So…what can I actually DO with what I learn here? The plan is to put in your hands just the right amount of information and insights so you can lay a solid, sane marketing strategy foundation for you and your business. My goal is to have you leave class with at least the outline of that foundation done so you can put things into action as soon as you choose.

How crowded will the class be?  I welcome a maximum of 12 participants to the class to be sure we have time and space for questions, conversation and individual attention.

What happens if I’ve registered, but can’t come? You will receive a refund minus a $15 processing fee if you contact me to withdraw up to seven days before the class. After we cross to the sixth day before the class, no refunds will be offered. You will, of course, receive the (very comprehensive) handouts, notes and resources from the class.

Stay tuned for the 2019 schedule.