Work with me

Your business needs unique practice-building approaches, because your beautiful, body-wise, sensitive different-ness are its beating heart.

Without your unique magic in every marketing strategy, goal, pricing structure and cancellation policy, it’s just going to sound like everyone else’s holistic practice.

You are decidedly not everyone else.

Making a good living being the sensitive, body-wise woman you are is absolutely possible.

It takes having the right tools and methods, reliable support, and persistence.

No problem.

You already have incredible skills with clients, a giant heart, and a vision. All you’re missing are the business methods that fit the way you think and move.

I have lots of training, a deep appreciation for women like you, and from-the-trenches experience. I know all about those outside-the-box business methods you need.

Let’s put our heads together and make your business fly.


Holistic Coaching

The Bridge

Two months of business foundations coaching for students or recently certified/licensed practitioners bridging you from “Yay!” (I’m a practitioner) through “Yikes!” (I’m a business :O) to “Yes!” (I’ve got this.)


One Burning Question

One precious, slightly intense, deep-dive coaching session moving you through the obstacle of one burning question into clarity and (nearly always) a plan so you can take inspired action. Only offered once each year for one lunar cycle. Be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to catch the announcement for it’s next appearance.



Sacred Circles

I weave circles when things that intrigue me intersect with worries, questions, or curiosities people are talking about.

I create them to meet a need, yes, and sometimes I offer them for the sole purpose of introducing a new way of seeing something.

My body of work is a bit eclectic. But, I’ll bet you knew that. Probably yours is, too.  

Plant Your Staff

A 90-minute workshop experience for women who know (or want to know) that “aging” is code for deepening into your wildest, fiercest, sacredest self, but don’t quite believe it yet.

So you can believe it.

And then do something with it.

Dates and other groovy details…

Highly Sensitive Women’s Leadership Circle

Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at The Resiliency Center in Flourtown, PA – in the Greater Philadelphia area. Space is limited. (Really. This isn’t a scare tactic. The room can only hold 25 people.) You must RSVP through Meetup. Meetup group is here…