Body of Business

Business Coaching for body-centered practitioners.

Dearest compassionate heart,

I see you. I see your kindness, your skillfulness, your dedication. You’re a magical slice of hope in your community.

You just want to spend your time on the mat, or at your table, doing what you do best. Helping people understand their bodies better. Helping them find a greater sense of peace and balance.

You do this work because you believe in your clients, and want them to believe in themselves. You didn’t start it to sit in front of a computer or post to instagram or do a business plan. And, that’s OK.

You want people to feel better. To get that their bodies are wise. To be out of pain. To be at peace.

You want them to know you see them. That you and your business are a safe, nourishing place for them.

But, the business part of your business? Oy! On good days it’s an annoyance. On not-so-good days, it tips over into overwhelming, confusing, even scary.

I know how that feels. I changed it for myself so I know we can change it for you.

I believe that business done kindly, equitably, compassionately will be one of the things that helps transform our suffering world.

And, I believe body-centered practitioners like you are natively skilled in kind, equitable, compassionate business creation. You just may not yet recognize this as a strength… or know the mechanics of how to do it, yet.

Like you believe in your clients, I believe in you.

Your business can start and end in your heart.

(If that’s the only thing you ever learn from me, I’ll count it a good day’s work.)

I’d love for you to experience the relief and freedom that live in doing the business of your business in a way that makes sense for you. That follows the guidance of your body/mind/heart and effectively deals with the pragmatic needs of your business.

Your business can rise from the deep wisdom of your body. Your decisions and actions can be rooted in your compassionate heart.

And I know that feels like a bit of a dream, right now.

You feel as if you should have a business plan, but creating it feels overwhelming. And like, “What’s the point? I’m just me, not a corporation.”

You know you should be marketing, but something about it feels wrong, or aggressive, or even slimy. And, there’s this voice in your head asking you who you think you are, wanting to be seen, to make money, to be a “business owner.”

You feel like you should do social media, but it’s confusing. Do you do Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and what if you really dislike the chaos and noise and just can’t think in 140 characters?

(Honestly, using social media to share your offerings is about inviting people into your community then tending that community so you can be in conversation with each other about the things that matter to all of you.)

But … right now you feel uncentered. Off balance. Worried what you do won’t work, or worse, worried you’re not walking your own talk, because worry (not to mention the 700 things that seem to be on your ‘must to’ list) is eroding away your own self care practices, stopping you from creating that new class or service, freezing you, keeping you thinking small.

You feel like diverting energy and time from students and clients into the crazy ball of things involved in running a business is at times frustrating and at others takes you to grief, guilt or overwhelm.

There’s nothing wrong with how you feel.

It’s the left-brained approach that’s the problem, not you. Traditional business and marketing practices just aren’t made to fit how your holistically tuned body/mind works.

It’s the cookie cutter solutions that don’t fit your generous, ethical heart that are the problem.

It’s the go, go, go, push, push, push, rhythm that’s the issue, not you. Your body understands that a natural, easeful pace is the sane way to do things.

The business part of your business can be done at your natural, easeful pace, in ways that align with your values. Truly.

I’ll help you put in place supportive structures, and create spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically sustainable working rhythms. I’ll ask you the right questions to get you thinking beyond that “Yay!” moment of becoming a certified teacher or practitioner and into the mindset of becoming a real, live, conscious business owner.

Together, we will find the right combination of tools, practices, insights, and resources to give you the space to do what you love while doing what your business needs. Because you bring hope, peace and kindness to the world, and we need as much of that as we can get.

Fill out the contact form below and we will find a time to talk about your concerns, hopes, and worries … and how I can help.

With tremendous love and appreciation,