Highly sensitive, multipassionate people often feel like the way they are is a problem.

My passion and my experience have helped me understand that, far from being a problem, the way we are is a gift—valuable to a prospective employer, valuable for personal fulfillment, and valuable to the world.

Working one on one via video chat or phone gives us the time and space we need to explore your unique gifts in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Like so many beautiful things, we start with a story. Your story.

You will be heard, without judgment, without any attempt to make you something you’re not.

We’ll work together to pull out themes that are important to you, examining what is working in your career and life and what may not be.

These themes will serve as a trail guide for us, and we’ll use a variety of techniques to work with them, such as:

  • Traditional values and skills assessments — interpreted from an HSP, Renaissance Soul-informed perspective
  • Career development exercises — tailored to your specific learning style and needs
  • Journaling to reflect and explore feelings and insights
  • Meditation and guided visualization to help settle into being more conscious and aware
  • Gentle movement for increased body awareness, recognizing that when we change posture we can change perspective

Together, we’ll develop practices and methods to minimize the areas that hold you back, and nurture the areas that support your thriving work, well-being and purposeful living.

There is no formula, and there is no cookie-cutter “solution.” Everything we do will be based on your specific needs, gifts, and goals.

At the end of every call, we’ll review what we spoke about, and go over action items for our next conversation.

With a practical plan and an uplifted spirit, you’ll have the clarity and confidence you need to embrace your gifts and use them to craft a meaningful career and live an authentic life.

If you’re wondering if I can help, we can figure that out together during a complementary 20 minute phone call I call a Discovery Conversation. Simply use the contact form below to request a Discovery Conversation. You will receive a response with scheduling information within 24 business hours. 


To keep things easy and low stress, we meet via video chat or phone. Sessions are $74 and last 45 minutes. I am also available to answer questions via email between conversations.

The handy calendar below will show you the times available for sessions. I’m in UTC -5 and schedule on the hour or half hour. (ie.. 11:00 – 11:45 or 11:30 – 12:15) Simply use the contact form (also below) to book the date and time you’d like, and click on the handy Paypal button to put your payment through.

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