Highly Sensitive Leadership: Community Circle

Join Elizabeth Venart, Tracie Nichols, and Brittiney George for 4 community gatherings this summer where we will explore strength, community, and leadership for Highly Sensitive People. We recognize that it may feel daunting, uncomfortable, or even undesirable for some HSPs to identify themselves as leaders. Even the word “Leader” can evoke strong emotions, preconceived ideas about what … Continue reading Highly Sensitive Leadership: Community Circle

The Highly Sensitive Person: (R)Evolutionary Forerunners and ChangeMakers for the New Age

Have you ever been called “too sensitive”? “Too complicated” or “too emotional?” “Too easily distracted or overwhelmed by your environment?” Are you uncomfortable in fast-paced, competitive work environments? Do you crave meaningful work? Do you feel misunderstood by your family or friends, peers or colleagues because of your sensitivity or deep empathy? Then you may … Continue reading The Highly Sensitive Person: (R)Evolutionary Forerunners and ChangeMakers for the New Age

Scent of Hope

Using the power of scent to craft a healing space for your clients (and you) Especially for healing arts practitioners who choose to offer clients deeper support while taking good care of themselves Here’s what you will know by the end of the workshop: When is the most helpful moment to offer scent during a … Continue reading Scent of Hope

Leadership As Sacred Practice

IT’S TIME TO REDEFINE AND RECLAIM HOW WE PRACTICE LEADERSHIP. especially for… aspiring citizen leaders parents wanting to model a leadership of integrity and kindness for their children shy or reluctant activists facilitators or group leaders interested in shifting their current leadership model to a living system model of organizational development I woke up on … Continue reading Leadership As Sacred Practice