Highly Sensitive Women’s Leadership Circle

Join Elizabeth Venart, Tracie Nichols, and Brittiney George for monthly community gatherings where we will explore strength, community, and leadership for Highly Sensitive women.

We recognize that it may feel daunting, uncomfortable, or even undesirable for some HSPs to identify themselves as leaders. Even the word “Leader” can evoke strong emotions, preconceived ideas about what leadership means, how it looks, and how weighty it might feel.

We will spend our time in community and through exploration, activity, and discussion, nourish you as HSPs to claim your strengths – and provide an opportunity for us to learn from each other what empowerment as an HSP looks like and how this applies to developing a personal sense of leadership.

Surrounded by 80% of society who isn’t Highly Sensitive, it’s easy to buy into a cultural perspective that our gifts are not gifts but weaknesses. Together, we can explore leadership from a new perspective and gain tools – and a network of support – to stand tall in our strength in community with one another and in the presence of the 80% who may not yet be able to see our value clearly.

Space is limited to 25 participants.  Please join and RSVP through the Meetup Group.

Meeting dates and topics:

April 2018 – FREE Introductory Talk

May 2018 – Boundaries and Why No is Hard

June 2018 – Managing Empathy Overload

July 2018 – FREE Viewing of “Sensitive: The Movie”

August 2018 – Unpacking “Shoulds”

September 2018 – Discovering Your Unique Blend of HSP Gifts

October 2018 – FREE Introductory Talk

November 2018 – Unpacking & Redefining Leadership as an HSP

December 2018 – Managing Sensory Overload at the Holidays

January 2019 – FREE Viewing of “Sensitive: The Movie”

February 2019 – Returning to our Senses Mini-Retreat

March 2019 – Visioning our Ideal Future