The Highly Sensitive Person: (R)Evolutionary Forerunners and ChangeMakers for the New Age

Have you ever been called “too sensitive”? “Too complicated” or “too emotional?” “Too easily distracted or overwhelmed by your environment?” Are you uncomfortable in fast-paced, competitive work environments? Do you crave meaningful work? Do you feel misunderstood by your family or friends, peers or colleagues because of your sensitivity or deep empathy? Then you may be one of the 15 – 20% of our population who identify as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Highly Sensitive People is a term coined by Elaine Aron, Ph.D. in her national bestseller. “The Highly Sensitive Person,” describing people whose nervous systems are wired differently than the rest of the population. According to Aron’s research, one person out of every five has this trait of high sensitivity. This physical difference in their “wiring” makes them highly sensitive to their environment, often intellectually gifted, and quite intuitive,. HSP’s are also quick learners, strongly creative, deeply perceptive and highly imaginative thinkers. They are very empathetic to the needs of others and truly effective communicators. Often misunderstood, Highly Sensitive People have had trouble feeling as if they belong in our present society which does not recognize or honor the importance of deep sensitivity, strong intuition or high creativity.

Tracie Nichols, M.A. will be talking about the phenomena of the Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP), her own journey of self discovery as a strongly intuitive, highly sensitive person and how she has learned to incorporate her gifts to create a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life. She will also describe how an HSP has the opportunity to use their gifts to promote and nourish change on a local, community and even global scale.

In her own words, “I believe that people gifted with high sensitivity possess ways of interacting with the world that are needed to help us evolve into a more loving, compassionate and mature culture. The way their nervous systems work – deeply, intuitively, with intense perceptivity and tons of innovative insights – is a gift that can be used to co-create a wide range of nourishing personal, community-wide or even even global changes.  Bringing this trait into the light, now, is essential to creating a world where every human being is safe, connected, loved, supported and appreciated for who they are.

“I think of HSP’s as evolutionary forerunners. Or, when we’re changemaking, (r)evolutionary forerunners. Being an evolutionary forerunner is an exciting privilege, and an awesome responsibility. Because those skills and ways of interacting aren’t yet the norm, it can be challenging to recognize, accept, and use them to their fullest potential, especially when navigating a society still clinging to “power over” rather than “power with” ways of doing things.”

Tracie will help you explore how to use your gift of high sensitivity through lecture, guided experiences, conversation and a rich question and answer session touching on these topics:

  • Smart, self-nourishing ways to persist as a sensitive person in a challenging world
  • Standing strong while staying sensitive
  • Noticing what needs to be changed…even when others don’t see it. (Like being canaries in a cultural coal mine.)
  • Starting something when your voice feels small, unheard or unappreciated
  • Highly sensitive ways of being a leader

Biography of Speaker

Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC, CDF is the mother of three children, a writer, an amateur photographer and nature lover. She has a BA in Art History, a Master’s degree in Human and Organizational Transformation and is Certified as a facilitator in Career Development. She has also trained as a body worker and energy healer, integrative aromatherapist, marketing and sales manager and is a small business owner.

Tracie, a member of The Resiliency Center in Flourtown, offers individual career coaching and strategy sessions by phone, as well as in-person classes helping people create a meaningful, enjoyable work life. Like the people she helps, Tracie is a Highly Sensitive Person, a Renaissance soul and an intuitive. She is deeply curious about nearly everything and is especially intrigued by the uniquely innovative solutions people can co-create for personal or social change when they consciously partner with each other and our ecosystem.

You can contact Tracie through her website –, or by emailing her at

“Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about.”   Margaret J. Wheatley


This is a presentation for the June 28, 2017 meeting of the New Hope Metaphysical Society. The Society meets 7:30 – 10:30 p.m. at Pebble Hill Church located at 320 Edison-Furlong Road Doylestown, Pa. 18901.

$10 prepaid or $15 at the door, registration is requested. You can reserve your space through NHMS Meetup or via their Events web page.