Highly Sensitive Women Leaders Retreat

Here’s where this retreat can take you…

  • more trust in your HSP gifts
  • more resilience to manage sensory overwhelm
  • grounded into your body and your strengths — coming home to yourself
  • create a strong foundation for further exploring yourself as a leader

As human beings, we connect with the world through our senses.

As Highly Sensitive human beings, we experience that sensory input very intensely. So intensely, in fact, that we can become overwhelmed and disconnect from our senses.

If we’re disconnected, we are not standing in our highly sensitive giftedness.

If we’re not moving from our giftedness, we lose access to our capacities as Highly Sensitive Women Leaders.

True leaders are grounded, connected, interdependent members of their communities.

Women with the trait of high sensitivity can be extraordinary leaders — especially for these extraordinary times.

The keys to inhabiting our leadership are:

  • knowing ourselves deeply
  • understanding our relationship with our sensitive senses
  • most importantly, coming home to the solid ground of ourselves

Honoring the pace and spirit of being on retreat, we will move though a spacious day of gentle experiential exploration, community support, uncovering insights, along with laughter, kindness and good conversation with a goal of helping you to come home to yourself.

Our very first Retreat for Highly Sensitive Women Leaders will be on Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at The Resiliency Center in Flourtown, PA. And you’re invited! The cost for the full-day program is $125.00 and includes a light food allergy sensitive lunch.

Be sure to claim your space soon. Registration closes on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

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