Leadership As Sacred Practice

A three-hour virtual deep-dive into how we, as highly sensitive, body-wise women, can reclaim and redefine the practice of leadership. Even if we don’t think of ourselves as leaders … yet.

I woke up on November 9, 2016 with the thought ringing in my heart that we needed to do something – now – to reclaim the practice of leadership. Through the following messy and exhausting weeks, I kept revisiting it, inviting it to open up and show me what I could do; what my role in this needed to be. What I was really asking was “How can I redefine and reclaim myself as a leader?”

It’s a powerful question. Not one anyone should have to answer in isolation. So … I decided to create this workshop – a space where self-discovery and self evolution could happen – and fill it with:

  • openhearted, thoughtful conversation.
  • all that I’ve learned about sane, living leadership.
  • information and insights from the practical systems theory of Margaret J. Wheatley
  • the nature-informed approaches of biomimicry.
  • community. Because connection is essential to sane leadership.

True leadership is a holistic practice inspired by the way nature structures thriving ecosystems. It allows space for the sacred, for thoughtful discourse, for critical thinking, for intuition, for creativity and flow. It listens carefully for all voices. 

True leaders are exquisitely honest with themselves about their gifts and challenges. They observe, listen deeply, and learn constantly. They understand projects, teams, communities, and movements have a unique rhythm, an ebb and flow of needs that must be noticed, interpreted, and tended by a dynamic and collaborative community of co-leaders.

True living leaders become leaders because their unique perspective is necessary in that moment.

YOU already have the qualities needed to be a living leader, just because of who you are. This workshop is a good place for you if you are…

  • a highly sensitive, and/or body-wise woman entrepreneur
  • a woman unfolding into a sense of personal leadership
  • facilitators or group leaders interested in shifting their current leadership model to a living system model 
  • an aspiring citizen leader
  • parents wanting to model a leadership of integrity and kindness for their children
  • a shy or reluctant activist

Leadership is NOT someone at the top of a heirarchy telling everyone else what to do. Leaders aren’t leading because they are the oldest, loudest, biggest, strongest, or longest in the position. That’s dominating. It can tip over into bullying. And we have quite enough of it in the world now, thankyouverymuch.

During this workshop we will…

  • craft an inclusive, expansive definition of leadership
  • identify challenges to seeing yourself as a leader
  • discover solutions to those challenges
  • heartstorm ways to express your leadership
  • build a sense of community with other emerging leaders
Coming again in spring 2019.