Root Down to Rise Up: A Group Mentorship Program

Helping You Make Your Own Kind Of Difference

Have you ever found yourself saying something like this about an unspoken dream?

“I’d do it if I had more time.”

“I’d do it, but I don’t think I can make a real difference.”

“I’m too old to start something new.”

We know how uncomfortable this can feel. A dream stopped feels like you are holding your breath, indefinitely. It deprives the world of something only you can offer.

Why now?

We are living in a time when your dreams and hopes are needed. When your ability and courage to act upon them asks to be lived into.

Deferring your dream can seem like the easy path, but keeping that unnamed, interrupted impulse contained is like walking for years with a grain of sand in your spirit.

The discomfort only grows.

We’ve created this Mindfulness in Action Circle to support you, so you can finally exhale. It’s for all of you with an unspoken dream insistently bumping against the back of your mind. You who want to make a difference in your own way.

What this Circle offers you…

Real change begins with the simple act of people talking about what they care about. — Margaret Wheatley

Birthing a close-held dream can be too hard to do on your own. This is where our Circle comes in: to support, listen, encourage, brainstorm, collaborate, put new ideas into practice, and have fun. To come home to a community where you are held gently accountable to your commitments and newly realized skills.

It’s in this circle where you will claim and tap into inner strength, courage, and vitality.

The Mindfulness in Action Circle is for a small group of dedicated people committed to seeing their deepest intentions come to light through inquiry, group connection, and skills development.

It’s a group mentorship experience committed to helping you develop inner clarity, deepen your sense of the sacred in every action and decision, and strengthen your personal leadership and agency in a world that needs what you have to offer.

The Circle is eight months of community and individual encouragement as you discover, nourish, refine, and act on your unique way of making meaningful change.

Through our time together you will:

  • Name your dream and transform it into an intention with shape and focus.
  • Forge concrete actions to move your intention into the world, in your own way, one doable step at a time.
  • Claim your own definition of personal leadership; create and cultivate this leadership in your daily life as sacred practice.
  • Master and personalize mind-body practices that cultivate inner strength, courage, and vitality.

We Invite You to Join Us for the First Step: An Open-to-All Information Session

Our journey will start with an open-to-all information session on Thursday, October 26 2017 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at the Healing Arts Studio in Chestnut Hill.

This evening will give you a taste of the program: we will lead a guided visualization, practice gentle movement, and introduce a useful framework for Mindfulness in Action. We will also present the details of the program that includes a sturdy tripod of support: monthly circle meetings, one-on-one phone check-ins, and a private virtual group for between-the-circles encouragement.

Please RSVP at