Copyediting and Proofreading Services

Coaches, counselors, bodywork professionals, and other magical people—let’s be sure your compassionate, wise, writing reaches the people who need to read it.

Why, When, and How Much

Why is professional copyediting important?

Have you ever been happily zipping through an e-book then stumbled over a missing word? Maybe you were having a quiet morning with a well-loved newsletter when the wrong word in the wrong context disrupted your groove?

Would it surprise you to know that most people notice mistakes in writing, even if they can’t name the thing they’ve noticed? The finely-tuned human nervous system simply senses that something feels wrong.

When that happens, you feel vaguely uncomfortable and distracted. It’s as if there’s a mosquito in the room and you’re the only warm-blooded dinner possibility.

This doesn’t mean one typo in a newsletter will cause a wave of unsubscribes.

But anomalies in writing are distracting. They can undermine your credibility if they happen often enough.

When will my copyediting expertise most help you?

When time is tight.
When your attention is better dedicated to another part of your work.
When you have something important to say, but writing just isn’t your thing.
When you’re writing things like:
  • Articles for your blog, or other platforms like Medium or Substack
  • Pages for your website
  • Landing pages for products or services
  • Newsletters
  • Emails to pitch yourself as a great podcast guest
  • The written portions of classes, courses, or workshops you are developing
  • Ebooks, field guides, and PDF compilations of your wisdom

How much will my copyediting and proofreading service cost you?

You send me a finished piece of writing and I fix things like typos (even the most sophisticated AI can miss a typo that forms an actual word— like “type” for “typo”), inconsistencies (did you call a date both January 10, 2021 and 1/10/21?) and awkward or rambling sentences (we all do it).

Pricing does vary based on the number of words I’m editing and how fast you need me to do it. This list should give you a good idea of what to expect. I will give you an exact quote for your specific project when you contact me.

Turnaround timeup to 500 words501 – 1000 wordsover 1001 words
120 hours (5 days)$18$27contact me
72 hours (3 days)$27$36contact me
24 hours$36$45(not available)
Approximate pricing as of March, 2022

You have something important to say. Let’s make sure every reader hears you without distractions.

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