Poem for Peace #9

this solstice day where darkness rules and relinquishes all at once where I am reminded - even through  torrenting clouds -  that with this  particular sunrise  our heartbeat-pulsing  planet re-turns our  northernmost hemispheric faces  toward sun and light  and warmth again this solstice day peace lives in knowing that this annual moment will happen today, …

Poem for Peace #7

peace finds herself a gold-tinged indigo and  amethyst marbled paper bookmark -  slipped between parchment leaves of shared understanding and gentle accountability left on top of the dented cherry desk where doubting hands can readily find her Poems for Peace #7 © 2018 Tracie Nichols Image credit: Tracie Nichols

Poem for Peace #6

for todaypeace ridesthe swell and collapse of mylung-cradling ribsas I breathe myselfinto clear-eyed acceptance that the body gets what the body needs no matter how stridently “shoulds”fling their shame at the tender walls of my heart. Poems for Peace #6© 2018 Tracie Nichols I was inspired to write daily Poems for Peace by Beth Owls' Daughter and her post …

Poem for Peace #5

peace today livesin the soft silencesbetween laughter and hand claspsPoems for Peace #5© 2018 Tracie NicholsI was inspired to post a new Poem for Peace daily through Dec. 31, 2018 by Beth Owls' Daughter and her post "Embrace the Quiet That Is Nature’s Gift: The Halcyon Days Are Here." Doing something daily to enfold myself in …

Poem for Peace #1

my blue-tipped fingersstumble acrossthese black-capped keysdashing to capturea sweet momentof peace taughtto me by the dancingsunlight glinting acrosswinter-bare branchesoutside my orchid andcrystal-cluttered windowand then I stopand laughhow silly tobe dashing to capture peacewhen all I need do is pausebreatheappreciatePoems for Peace #1© 2018 Tracie Nichols