Poem for Peace #5

peace today livesin the soft silencesbetween laughter and hand claspsPoems for Peace #5© 2018 Tracie NicholsI was inspired to post a new Poem for Peace daily through Dec. 31, 2018 by Beth Owls' Daughter and her post "Embrace the Quiet That Is Nature’s Gift: The Halcyon Days Are Here." Doing something daily to enfold myself in …

Poem for Peace #4

it’s the leaves, you knowit’s all their doingmasters modelingthis seasonal slipinto surrendertree lungsteaching methe truth oflivingthe way theyrest so trustinglyin the crookedgrey-browndips and hollowsbetween tree kneesthe way they rustle and sighsoft relief sweepsas they gift firsttree then air then earthwith their willingnesswith their fading wild beautywith their wisdomin restingin becominggroundoh….but it’s the promise of theirtender green riseof …

Poem for Peace #1

my blue-tipped fingersstumble acrossthese black-capped keysdashing to capturea sweet momentof peace taughtto me by the dancingsunlight glinting acrosswinter-bare branchesoutside my orchid andcrystal-cluttered windowand then I stopand laughhow silly tobe dashing to capture peacewhen all I need do is pausebreatheappreciatePoems for Peace #1© 2018 Tracie Nichols


sometimes riding life's currents requires a wider stance a lower center of gravity spacious fluid joints sometimes rubbing along life's twists is as comfortable as tender new skin abruptly meeting sharp, shifting gravel shards sometimes life's molten, shaking growth spurts ask us to be something we've never been that's OK every mountain and river and …

wild aging

time unspools........ my attachment to this body thins dipping her softening curves and valleys into the landscape of this edge-of-wild Place immersion feels easier edges less clear separation dissipates I like it. © 2018 Tracie Nichols All rights reserved. Image credit: Me and a misty sunrise.