The real me – unstuck…

{For you. From a heart bursting with gratitude.}

Tracie, I’m tempted to say that since our mentoring sessions, I’m a new person. But that’s not quite true. What I am, thanks to your profound gift for ever so gently guiding me to see what my heart already knows, is the real me – unstuck, no longer overwhelmed, making heart-centered choices and allowing my voice and my vision to be heard and seen.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to acknowledge my inner wisdom, for always sharing just the right tools to feel grounded and supported as I worked through my doubts and fears.

I still laugh when I think about our first session, when you said we would work on “peeling away those layers of not good enough.” It’s so much easier to breathe and laugh and shine without those layers! You are a mirror made human, reflecting back to me my own radiance, and I am eternally grateful.

Liz Chesla MA, CYT, Body Language Yoga