The Bridge

Two months of business foundations coaching – especially for students or recently certified/licensed practitioners – bridging you from “Yay! I’m a practitioner!” through “Yikes! I’m a business!” to “Yes! I’ve got this.”


I remember the day I walked out of my last class swimming in a cocktail of relief and excitement. The air was so humid, it was hard to breath and my (sensible, white, school approved) sneakers were melting to the surface of the parking lot.

I didn’t care. All I could think about was finally being a practitioner. Yay!!!

After 10 years of dreaming and six months of training, I was finally opening my massage therapy practice. I’d be helping people find ease in their bodies while doing something I loved. The dancing flow of each client session always felt … right, to me.

I rode the wave of excitement through the first six months of being in practice. Then reality tumbled into my lap. I was a business. A business? A BUSINESS!?! I didn’t feel like a business. At least, I didn’t feel like what I assumed a business would feel like based on conventional wisdom about businesses. And, my schedule was scarily open.


That’s the thing. If what we know about business is what we’ve absorbed from experiencing business as usual in our culture, then it can be a pretty daunting box to fit ourselves into when we’re highly sensitive, body-wise, empathetic, intuitive, and doing work that really only thrives outside the box.

Especially when we’re just starting out. When there’s confusion and pressure…

There’s the marketing thing. Important, right? But, do you place ads? Go to networking events? Use social media? Do you do Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and what if you really can’t take the online chaos and noise?

What if the act of marketing just feels wrong? What do you do to find clients?

And what about having a plan? We “should” have some kind of business plan, right? But what kind? How big? We’re us, not a corporation thankyouverymuch. And looking guidelines up on the internet? o_O That just stokes overwhelm. So. Much. Info.

And pricing! But, these are healing sessions for goodness sake! Sacred space. Shouldn’t you be giving them away? (There’s a pernicious myth that needs busting.)

And the critical voices who keep asking you things like who you think you are claiming expertise, taking up space, charging money for your work?

That’s a lot of YIKES!

When my joy wave crashed, it became clear I needed to expand on the business training included in my bodywork certification if I wanted to make a long-term good living doing the work I love.

Welcome to The Bridge. (otherwise known as YES!)

Coaching designed to get you from here to there in your business, so you can find the clients and build the practice…

To be successful, you need 3 key things:

You … Your people … A bridge to connect you.

That bridge? It’s your business. A big, beautiful web of kindness, support, clear information, and authentic connection.

If people who need your work don’t know you’re out here, or if they don’t understand how your work will help them, they don’t have the needed information to choose to work with you.

740 x 200 the bridge shell

The Bridge is a coaching program…

  • helping you figure out how to let your people know you’re out here, and helping them understand how your work will help them so they can make the choice to become your clients.
  • doing it in a highly sensitive, body-wise, empath-friendly kind of way so you can bypass the whole trying-to-use-conventional-business-and-marketing-methods-then-burning-out bit and go right to doing-business-sanely-from-the-get-go part.

Because, when you’re highly sensitive, when you’re body-wise, you’re working with both unique gifts and unique challenges as a business owner. (The Universe is always seeking that light/shadow balance, you know.)

Some of your gifts:
  • empathy
  • intuition
  • high sensitivity
  • body wisdom
and challenges:
  • overwhelm
  • wobbly boundaries
  • bruised confidence (from being told things like you’re too sensitive, too emotional etc…)
  • empathy overload
  • an aversion to conventional ways of doing pretty much anything. Especially business. (Which is challenging – but in a make-a-difference kind of way.)

The Bridge is meant to not only connect you and your people, we’re also solidifying your connection with yourself, and with the heart of your business. Building on your gifts, and easing those challenges.

Imagine you’re a tree, with your roots bridging you with yourself and your skills, and branches bridging you with your community. That’s The Bridge weaving your business into a holistic, living system. 

Copy of 1200 x 400 me

I’m Tracie Nichols, holistic business coach, and I help body centered practitioners and highly sensitive women make a good living guided by the wisdom of their bodies.

I combine 10 years as a business owner (3 years as a massage and craniosacral therapist, 7 years mentoring women) with 15 years of corporate sales and marketing experience. Add a master’s degree in human and organizational transformation, certification as a career services provider, a foundation of deep ecology and a nature-inspired approach to business building and ta-da!

You get a highly sensitive woman leader doing business coaching that’s comfortably practical with its roots in wild magic.

You also get someone in your corner helping you persist when change gets uncomfortable, teaching you the business ropes, supporting you as you find the ones that best fit your business. There will be honesty, kindness and laughter. Probably aromatherapy. Maybe a nature metaphor or two….or three.

“Everyone needs a tribe. People who really “get” you & help support you during periods of transition and growth. Tracie was the medicine women in my tribe. Her knowledge, compassion, groundedness, and insight were a gift to me during my transition from corporate life into building my own private practice. Tracie met me where I was at each session and I left feeling seen, heard, felt, and more willing to explore unknown territory.” Brittiney George, Somatic Therapist, Infant Massage and Baby Signs® Educator

740 x 200 the bridge heart

Your business can start and end in your heart.

And be profitable…fun…sustainable. (I know. I know. Rainbows & unicorns, right?)

But, it’s really not.

You know how it feels to have clients tell you that they finally understand why they’ve always been afraid, or that they feel calm, or out of pain, or like they can move, for the first time in forever.

You know – in your bones – your work helps people.

That’s why it’s so frustrating to be asking yourself, “If my work is working, why is my schedule so open?”

Remember? If people who need your work don’t know you’re out here, or if they don’t understand how your work will help them, they don’t have the information to choose to work with you.

You, me & The Bridge…we can change that.

The Bridge is focused around four customized 60-minute Zoom workshops where you will…
  • discover more about yourself so that we can match your business practices to your values, personal rhythms, and goals.
  • uncover more about your people so that you can find them and invite them into your world and create mutually beneficial relationships.
  • create business tools and strategies that work with your body rhythms and heart wisdom so doing the business of your business isn’t overwhelming and you can focus on doing the work you love.
  • draw a map of where you choose to take this body-guided business of yours so you know your next steps and feel confident implementing them.

You’ll use two additional hour-long coaching calls to ask questions, heartstorm ideas, deal with unkind voices, boost confidence…so we eliminate as many obstacles to progress as possible.

I’ll also provide supporting information, worksheets, and resources so you can start your own library of helpful information and people.

— All for $597.

We start with a free 30-minute Discovery Conversation to be sure you, me & The Bridge are right for each other.

Schedule Discovery Conversation.

“…Tracie Nichols insight, resourcefulness, compassion, and intuitive ability to meet people where they are and help them envision and move towards where they want to be make her an excellent coach. Plus, she’s just a super cool person to be around.” Marissa Polselli, Wordtree, LLC

740 x 200 the bridge bubbles

That’s what The Bridge is all about. Helping you through the moment you realize having your own practice is more than being an amazing practitioner (which, of course, you totally are.) It’s about creating ways to do the business parts of your practice with the same compassion and intentionality you put into the client service parts of your practice.

To have a business that is successful, joyful, consistent with your values, and isn’t taking over every waking hour, it’s important to know yourself – those gifts and challenges – so we can weave business practices that work for you.

And … if this sounds like a lot … remember you’re not in this alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way, listening, supporting and encouraging you to put your new strategies into action.

Because, that’s how body-wise, sensitive women create growing, thriving practices.


Who should do this program? The Bridge is specially designed for students or recently certified/licensed practitioners of body-centered modalities who are opening a private practice or studio. Especially women who are highly sensitive and/or body-wise. So, yoga teachers, massage therapists and other body work practitioners, reflexologists, Reiki or other energy work practitioners, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, crystal healers, somatic therapists, sound healers…. (If you don’t fit in these boxes, but are intrigued by this program go ahead and schedule the Discovery Conversation. There’s a reason you’re feeling that way. Let’s figure out what it is and if it’s something I can help with.)

When are the sessions? The workshop sessions are scheduled every two weeks once you’ve chosen your starting date. The two coaching sessions can be scheduled whenever works best for you as long as they are completed within 75 days of beginning the program.

Is there homework? How much of a time commitment is The Bridge? Usually we discover one or two important or insight-revealing exercises or practices during our workshops that are carried into the following weeks. Beyond the 6 hours of workshops and coaching, the total time commitment depends on how deeply you would like to explore. It’s your experience. We can go as deep or as succinct as you choose.

Can I make multiple payments? Yes. You are welcome to make two payments of $298.50. One when you register, and the second 30 days later.

Schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Conversation to get started…

Schedule Discovery Conversation.