Virtual Meditation & Writing Fire Circle…

…for people who can use some relief, maybe a little freedom, without a lot of fuss.

Imagine you are under a deep blue, moon and star-filled sky.

Soft, warm, breeze whispering.

Flames gently crackle.

You settle into the fire circle beside a few fellow travelers.

Your shoulders relax.

Your jaw unclenches.

Words flow.

Understanding blossoms.

Imagine the relief.

meditation + writing will do that for you

Let’s face it, finding something (a practice, a tool?) that will help you experience in-the-moment relief, can be really hard. Who has the time? Or the headspace? Especially now.

We get that.

You hear about things like meditation and journaling, right? You hear how helpful they can be. And it’s true; they are.

But they can also feel hard or weighed down with “a giant hairball of should” as the brilliant Angel Sullivan says.

What if you have tried meditation and not had the results you wanted?

If you’re like me, in your head you’re making to-do lists, having arguments, daydreaming a new creative project, all to the soundtrack of that morning’s earworm.

What if you’ve tried journaling but staring into the face of blank pages is just [[shudder]]?

For years I thought the only way to do journaling “right” was writing every day, full sentences, perfect grammar, as if Mrs. Griswold was going to swoop in from her perch in my 4th grade classroom and use her red pencil. [[more shudder]]

That’s what Angel and I will be sharing with you in this virtual fire circle.

  • how to meditate without the “giant hairball of should” so it’s a relief-inspiring, doable, useful tool.
  • how to use writing as a quietly freeing, beautiful, nourishing support. A way that you can understand what’s going on inside of you and integrate those insights.

You should come if any of these words apply to you:

  • overwhelmed
  • worried
  • too busy doing (fill in the thing that seems more important than you, but really isn’t)
  • languishing
  • salty
  • Eeyore (when you’re usually more a Piglet, Pooh, or Tigger)

Who we are

Angel Sullivan

helps soulful humans remember and reconnect with their inherent magick. Whether through her VA Support services (by giving you back your time & energy) or via the self-paced courses she creates, her goal is to help you return to YOU.)

Tracie Nichols

poet and facilitator, brings together her passion for writing with her expertise in Transformative Learning to create workshops and individualized writing experiences helping people reveal themselves to themselves and invoke substantive and lasting change in their lives and communities.

Who you are

Thoughtful, self-aware, nature-loving and into self-discovery. Possibly introverted, maybe HSP, probably creative (though you may not use the word to describe yourself.)

You may feel stretched thin, pulled in too many directions, like putting one more thing on your plate is a hard no, thankyouverymuch. But you really would like some damn relief.

The details:

When: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Time: 10 – 11:30 am EDT (convert time zone here)

Where: Your own comfy space via Zoom. (Note: this will be a very small group with potential for interaction in safe space. As such, it will not be recorded. You’ll want to be there to enjoy the magic live!)

What you get:

  • direct experience with meditation (stillness).
  • writing prompts for integration.
  • the potential for new, helpful, self-care habits to form (easily)!
  • deep community with potential for interaction in a safe space (there will be no recording. This will be a live event that no one else will see, so you can be free to say what needs said & process as necessary).
  • a .pdf with an outline of what we experienced together so that you can easily reference & remember later.

How much: $37 USD (currency converter here)

Virtual Meditation & Writing Fire Circle

A 90-minute virtual fire circle for people looking for simple, doable, effective tools for everyday, in-the-moment relief from chronic stress and trauma.


The experience of Plant Your Staff was so nourishing! It was great to hear other women express many of the same things that I’d been feeling. Tracie has a such a gift for holding a safe and sacred space for the group. The journaling and visualization really prompted me to look inward at what I want and need, and how that might change over time. The workshop helped me to respect my body and mind as they mature and embrace the new possibilities that can offer.

Jen Pavich, MA, ACC, Writer, Coach, Speaker

Let’s meditate and write together.

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