Writing Circles and Workshops Where Women Can Write Themselves Home

I hear you. The world can be a such noisy, intrusive place. Especially these days.

It can be so hard to catch the sound of your own voice among the chaos of work and social demands, chronically breaking (and heartbreaking) news, and the rest of what life throws your way every hour of every day.

And that’s frustrating—because there’s so much wild beauty and wisdom in a woman’s voice. In your woman’s voice.

When we can make time to connect with our bodies and write, that expands the possibilities we see in ourselves. We feel like we belong. Especially when we write in community.

I’ve experienced this in my life when I write, and seen it at work in the lives of participants when I facilitate writing circles and workshops.

Ongoing Writing Circles

Virtual fire circles on Saturdays and Wednesdays where we write and share and laugh and cry and find relief and belonging. You are so very welcome to join us.

Writing Workshops

Nourishing, kind, and dedicated to being the opposite of overwhelming, my workshops are all about discovering the many voices that make up the complex, luscious woman that is you. One of them will surely intrigue you.

The weekly writing sessions were a welcome mid-week respite from my typical busy work week and focus on others. They provided time to turn inward, reflect, and devote time to my writing. During our time together, movement and meditation exercises invited me to connect to my body, my breath, the pen in my hand, and the words on the page. With prompts ranging from existential to absurd, playful to deep, ordinary to outrageous, we were invited to cultivate a writer’s eye for detail and to allow our individual voices to shine. Tracie and Liz created a safe space for writing, sharing, and being authentic, and the community of women participants were always kind and encouraging. Thank you both for giving so generously of your time, skills, and heart. Room to Write has been a balm to my soul during the tumultuous storm of 2020.


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